Bruce Prichard On Which WWE Legend Came Up With Nation Of Domination, The Rock, Ahmed Johnson


Source: Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard

On episode 20 of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, the former WWE producer talked about The Nation Of Domination in the course of discussing the 1997 Royal Rumble. Prichard shared who came up with the idea for the faction, The Rock’s emergence as a heel with The Nation Of Domination, and Ahmed Johnson being stiff in the ring.

According to Prichard, WWE Hall Of Famer, Ernie Ladd, came up with the idea for Nation Of Domination. 

“Originally, I believe [The Nation Of Domination] was Ernie Ladd’s idea. Yeah, Ernie consulted with us. Ernie, from time to time, would come up with some good ideas, good perspective.”

On the subject of The Rock, Prichard said that WWE’s braintrust had high hopes for the third-generation professional wrestler early on, but he emerged as …

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